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  1. A-413 Nov 27, 2010

    so this is where hapanda-san is! OF COURSE I'll join : D

  2. selemental Banned Member Jan 10, 2010

    huh? hapanda-san u never tell me anything >w<
    how come u didnt let me know about this group :x *pout*

  3. Raven83 Dec 09, 2009

    pokes CC~Meep Meep

  4. weird12u Oct 23, 2009

    :( sad Noel is gone, what will happen here then?

    oh and i want to be in the user page contest ^^

    merged: 12-01-2009 ~ 10:07pm

  5. Raven83 Oct 23, 2009

    @Everyone I have the sad duty of informing you that Noel has left MT to tend to her studies.

  6. Haven100 Oct 22, 2009

    Hey everyone, sorry for my long absence from this group -_- Been very busy I've lost my photoshop for the moment (plan to get a new one around this week).

    @aiiroprincessnoel: Yeah I've decided to move the deadline to December 20th

    @RavenSilverRose: Awesome XD Glad to have another affiliate!

    @weird12u: Maybe I'll check that song out :o

    In other news I've recently became addicted to the MMORPG, Dragonica! Luckily I've trained myself to play only an hour a day ^_^' See ya later

  7. Raven83 Oct 21, 2009

    Hey Haven a new group you can add as a affiliate as soon as we get a button I'll let you know and that is Gamers-Guild. Link is

  8. sasuke987 Oct 15, 2009

    no you don

  9. weird12u Oct 13, 2009

    well then :3 i guess i am staying




  10. weird12u Oct 12, 2009

    for the moment :) depends if anyone needs me

  11. weird12u Oct 08, 2009

    holy it's been awhile, sorry for not showing my face that much

    how's the things over here?

  12. Aiira Oct 01, 2009

    @Sasuke987: A Lot. I just could not name all of them. LOL! I'll try to remember some :]

    @Haven100: We might have to cancel the Userpage Contest thing for a few weeks or so. Since MT put up the new layout, we might have to struggle re-creating our new userpages and with the old codes we know not working. LOL! But if you could hold the contest that would be great :]

  13. Haven100 Sep 27, 2009

    My Newest Vector!
    More updates coming soon XD

  14. Aiira Sep 26, 2009

    @Sasuke: Yes! I've watched Hunter x Hunter. I think I was 8 years old when I watched it. It was a long time ago..hehe :]
    Let's watch Voltes V again :P
    Ahh! The old animes we used to watched..

  15. Tsukiyomi Sep 22, 2009

    @ sasuke987: Nope, never
    Is it a good manga ?

  16. Haven100 Sep 21, 2009

    @weird12u: Oops...sorry for the mistake XD *Fixed it*

  17. weird12u Sep 21, 2009

    sasuke doesn't have the same birthday as me?


    um, did i already recommend an anime? if not i will recommend another one

  18. Haven100 Sep 21, 2009

    Don't know if anyone's noticed but we have a few contests now listed in our group XD check them out and see if you want to give them a try ;)

    And for my recommendation I choose "Shigofumi", more details about it in the thread.

    @jdl: Welcome! Great to have another fellow Clannad fan here :D

  19. Tsukiyomi Sep 20, 2009

    There are so many good animes but I think i would recommend " CLANNAD "
    I've found that the beginning of this anime is weird and sometimes annoying but afterwards it's like it's becoming more and more interesting. There are a lot of funny moments although there are many sad moments. If there is anyone here who didn't see this anime then i recommend you to see it :D

  20. Aiira Sep 19, 2009

    Would every member kindly please give up 1 MINUTE of your life and check out our thread for recommended animes!

    We need good animes and please discuss it with members as well :]

    Thank you..

    Link to the thread is posted on the group page..check it out please...!

    merged: 09-19-2009 ~ 06:24am
    also please invite your friends also..
    It wouldn't take you to ask them right?

  21. weird12u Sep 17, 2009

    contemplating leaving and running of to college early... but my grades are fine... and AWESOME! kill dem zombies <3 and better days.... well dang i have not had a good day for months.. Zack messed up everything for me and i am just reviving from that fiasco.. oh and my best friend wont talk to me because of ZACK! gosh... how i love him idk...

    so hows those zombies now? do you play call of duty?

  22. weird12u Sep 16, 2009

    well i took an aptitude test and got in trouble for trying to ditch, but the guy there was all a teacher from the hood (not trying to sound racist at all i promise to God) so he was like "man, your a smart little girl and front like a book worm.. and you go out like this? dang (actually said the profanity for that) i wish i was smart as you to hide it so well." i just laughed and said "I am hiding it? Sh!t thanks for dat.." he started to laugh "just don't try and ditch the master at that Stuff... and remember the word is stuff."

    how are you? what is new?/ and say Hi to Sandra for me PLZ

  23. weird12u Sep 14, 2009

    hi there *hugs* how has your life been treaten ya?

    (if no one has noticed yet, i like to talk...)

    merged: 09-14-2009 ~ 09:58pm
    oh and by the may my birthday is may 22nd ^.^

  24. Tsukiyomi Sep 13, 2009

    Hi there I was one of the first members here but i didn't introduce me
    So Hi everyone :D

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